About Prerna

Prerna became hooked on yoga from the moment she stepped off her mat, feeling calm, spacious and free after her first class. She loves to practice because it allows her to turn inward and develop a strong, steady breath, body, and mind, which ultimately leads to a strong sense of self. "Prerna" means “inspiration” in Hindi—she aspires to live up to her namesake through the teaching of yoga. 

Prerna believes that yoga is a practice for everyone and she makes her classes accessible for anyone who has arrived. Prerna loves meaningfully moving the body, but also holding shapes to allow the body and mind to deeply experience the practice. Her classes are lighthearted and open, allowing the students to personalize their practice and honor their individual needs.

Prerna deeply connects to the inner practices of yoga, particularly restorative, yoga nidra, and meditation. After experiencing an injury, Prerna found solace in these softer elements of Yoga, and has spent many hours practicing, studying, and specializing in them. She believes that holistic self-care practices both for the body and the mind are integral for overall health. Prerna weaves restorative and meditative elements into her vinyasa classes, and also teaches these practices separately.

Prerna has completed over 500 Hours of Yoga and Meditation training. She teaches Vinyasa, Meditation, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, and Prenatal classes throughout NYC in studios, privately, and in offices. Prerna also conducts Self-Care and Mindful Communication workshops publicly and privately. 

Prerna is deeply grateful to her teachers who guide, challenge, and support her. She vows to always remain a student and continue to learn from her teachers, her students, and ultimately the teacher that lies within.